About Plush

Why Choose Plush?

Plush is a luxurious members-only dog grooming salon located in Claymont, DE providing an unmatchable experience for your Pooch. We are an All-Inclusive Salon, meaning we include only the highest quality products available to the industry – no up-charge. Three words we live by: Safe, Confident, and Comfortable.

All dogs deserve the very best! Every dog that walks into Plush is treated with respect and given a tailored experience. Each dog is treated as an individual and is styled according to your needs and preferences, but with your dog’s expression in mind. What sets Plush apart the most is how we handle our clients and provide balanced socialization in the salon for a more calm and stress-free experience. We only offer the best, so when visiting Plush by Sarah Drouin, expect the best. Come experience A Salon of Distinction.

The PLUSH Method

We do not put time limits on our grooms or rush our services. However long it takes for your dog to be groomed comfortably and safely is what it takes but typically grooming a large dog is a minimum of 4 hours and small dogs will run 3-4 hours. Senior Comfort Grooms will take a bit longer. Additional factors include how long since they’ve last been groomed, behavior, how thick/thin the coat is, coat type, if they had to poop and need to be re-bathed, and more. We are working with dogs who can be unpredictable, have different personalities, and all like different things. Moving through a groom quickly (especially with someone new) is unrealistic and not safe or enjoyable for the dog or groomer. 

At Plush we practice Balanced Socialization. This means that throughout the whole process the dogs will spend time in a in a calm & balanced environment. During & after spa time they will learn how to respect boundaries and how to interact in a pack (if they fit in with the pack-of-the-day). Social skills are learned during their time at Plush in a healthy, calm environment. With our leadership and training this creates respect, trust, and love and in turn that brings us around to the 3 words we live by: Safe, Confident, and Comfortable.

We love animals and make sure to build a relationship with each and every dog that comes into Plush, teaching them the process in which grooming happens so that when they come it is not scary, unpredictable, or a rushed process for them in order to avoid any anxiety they may have. Our goal is for your Plush Puppy to enjoy coming in for their appointment. We want dogs to come in and relax and have a stress-free grooming experience. We like to give the dogs breaks, make them feel safe and comfortable, and that can take however long it needs to take.

Meet Sarah

National Certified Master Groomer / Owner

Sarah Drouin, owner and head groomer of Plush is a National Certified Master Groomer through The National Dog Groomers Association of America. She is also Pet Tech CPR Certified and is an Award Winning Stylist that competes in grooming contests all around the world. With over 14 years of experience to offer, Sarah travels the world educating other groomers with the high standards and skills she has learned along her journey as a Master Stylist but also is continuously learning and refining her craft to ensure her clients get nothing but the best. Sarah’s background and expertise in behavior and dog psychology allows her to connect with clients and build a bond with them. This advances her ability to not only do her job effectively but more important, safely! It is essential to have a connection & provide a safe place for dogs to transform into Plush Puppies. Her high standards for safety, quality, and knowledge will always stand priority and is what sets Plush apart from the rest.

Meet Ramiel

Grooming Assistant / CEO

Ramiel works alongside Sarah to ensure your Plush Pup has the Ultimate Spa Experience. He has a very calming and relaxing way with animals which makes him a perfect fit for Plush. His favorite part of his profession is the transformation, mostly from within. He enjoys connecting with the dogs so they can feel safe and have trust while in his care and has dubbed himself  “The Pearler”. With over 10 years of experience in the dog grooming industry, Ramiel has had the pleasure to learn from four National Certified Master Groomers around the world, and has also traveled to grooming conventions to prep award-winning dogs. He has spent a great deal of his time working at a local humane society and has a great understanding of dogs from different backgrounds and situations. Not only was he an Animal CareTaker, he took the time to build a relationship with each dog and give them the time and exercise they needed individually. Ramiel has a passion to perfect his craft and constantly works to continue his education in dog grooming.

Ramiel has completed Module 1 The Science Of Skin Series from Iv San Bernard. What that means for you is Ramiel has a solid foundation of coat science. Including short, medium, and long coat types. Ramiel has the ability to offer skin therapies and identify certain skin diseases.

Meet LaQuita

Client Care Coordinator

LaQuita has been in the Customer Relations field for fifteen years. She provides exceptional service to Plush Clients. LaQuita has been around dogs since she first meets Sarah in 2010. LaQuita has also enjoyed assisting Sarah on various occasions at grooming competitions. LaQuita looks forward to building a relationship with clients at Plush. LaQuita will be here to service your every Plush need. From booking appointments, answering questions about our process and the Plush Experience.

Meet Cheryl


Cheryl has over 25 years of management experience and an unmatched work ethic which fits right in at Plush. In 1998 she was left disabled from a bad car accident that doctors believed she would not even survive. She had a tough recovery and had to re-learn everything cognitive all over again. Cheryl strives to be her best every day and is an amazing addition to our team. She helps Ramiel & Sarah by extending a helping hand wherever necessary and keeping the salon squeaky clean and smelling nice. She also enjoys meeting all the different personalities of our furry members!

Give Your Pup

The Ultimate Spa Experience

950 Ridge Road, Suite D-18, Claymont, DE 19703