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What is PLUSH?

Plush is a luxurious members-only dog grooming salon located in Claymont, DE providing an unmatchable experience for your Pooch. We are an All-Inclusive Salon, meaning we include only the highest quality products available to the industry – no up-charge. Three words we live by: Safe, Confident, and Comfortable.

All dogs deserve the very best! Every dog that walks into Plush is treated with respect and given a tailored experience. Each dog is treated as an individual and is styled according to your needs and preferences, but with your dog’s expression in mind. What sets Plush apart the most is how we handle our clients and provide balanced socialization in the salon for a more calm and stress-free experience. We only offer the best, so when visiting Plush by Sarah Drouin, expect the best. Come experience A Salon of Distinction.

Credentials Matter.

Safety and continued dog grooming education is of utmost importance at Plush. Sarah Drouin, owner of Plush is a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) through The National Dog Groomers Association of America,  is Pet Tech CPR Certified, and is an award-winning stylist that competes in dog grooming competitions around the world. Sarah has also trained with Cesar Milan to help bring dog psychology and training into the grooming salon so that your pup can have a safe and stress-free grooming experience. 

More Than a Groom.

At Plush we abide by our “Salon Harmony Principles” which are directly derived from the Cesar’s Way Training. Those principles include being aware of your energy, honor your dog’s instincts and know their natural pack position, as well as the fact that you create the dog’s calm, surrender state. In order to start your first grooming appointment off on the right foot, please allow 15-30 minutes for an initial meet and greet when you arrive. We highly recommend watching this video and practicing with your pup before your first appointment.

Top Services

All dog grooming services are priced depending on your Plush Puppy’s breed, coat type, condition, and time since last groom. We are an All-Inclusive Salon which means your Pooch will get a personalized treatment with nothing but the best products available.

A-List Styled Haircut

Ultimate spa experience with styled haircut & styling products.

A-List Deshed Cleanse

Ultimate spa experience with undercoat removal & deshed.

Senior Comfort Groom

Ultimate spa experience with comfort haircut tailored to senior dogs.

Plush Praise

I have an old disabled dog and I am very apprehensive to bring her anywhere- you never know with some places. I was recommended Plush by Sarah from a friend and I will not be taking my dog anywhere else. Sarah is patient and very kind- and very well educated. She knows what she’s doing and she educated me about my dogs coat and what products are best. She takes her time and her prices are great for what you get. I was expecting to pay a lot more than what I did. My old girl is happy and confident and comfortable. Thank you Sarah you are awesome!!!! So happy I found out about you!!!!

Brittany Downes

Plush by Sarah is the most experienced, qualified, honest, caring, groomer I have ever met. I am so thankful to know a groomer that takes her time to ensure the pets she grooms only receives THE BEST care! Quality, Care and detail is what sells me on a service and with her I know anyone who receives her services are getting just that! A groomer who actually cares, pays attention, gives quality grooming, and believes details are important. I wouldn’t take my Jakey anywhere else!

Lisa De Sousa

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